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4Stringsz is a contemporary violinist whose classical training and global experience have made him one of the most sought-after musicians in the industry. Based in London, 4Stringsz has worked with some of the biggest names in the music world and has
performed in prestigious venues all over the globe.
His signature blend of classical elegance & electronic contemporary flair has earned him acclaim in the most elite circles of the entertainment industry, ranging from popular current songs to your favourite throwback tunes.

From the concert hall to the recording studio, 4Stringsz is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the violin. His performances are praised for their technical precision and emotional depth, and he has earned a devoted following of fans who are drawn to his passion for music.
In addition to his work as a performer, 4Stringsz is also a composer and arranger, and is always looking for new ways to share his music with others. Whether through live performances, recordings, or collaborations with other artists.



Solo Sax
Sax & DJ


"Was perfect for our big day! Was happy to play anything we requested and was very responsive with emails & messages" Chantelle's wedding - Hair & makeup artist"

"I don't think anyone expected the sheer epic talent that was 4stringsz, Now from his name you may have guessed he's a musician, a violinist to be exact. "Metro Uk"


- RnB
- Hiphop
- House
- Ambient
- Afrobeats
- Soul